Population Health Management Software

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Population Health Management Software

Deliver proactive, consistent, quality care to improve outcomes and patient satisfaction

Population Health Management EHR (Electronic Health Record)

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Our population health management software drives positive behavior change among at-risk populations. Complete, integrated data about each patient is paired with smart technology and intuitive workflows within your EHR.

As a provider, it enables you to deliver intentional, patient-centered care that consistently drives higher utilization of services and better outcomes without added administrative burden. And when you pair our software with our patient engagement services, you’ll see even greater results.

Risk Identification & Assessment

The population health management software collects and analyzes information from the EHR, health risk assessments, biometric results, claims, compliance data, and prescription data. Then, it utilizes proprietary algorithms to identify those with one or more chronic diseases and those at risk of developing one.

Clinical and Financial Reporting

Our population health management software includes several strategic insights and reports including chronic disease risk analyses, biometric trending, clinical and financial outcomes and results, and ROI calculations and analysis.

Population Health Management Software