PokitDok's Healthcare Claims Management

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PokitDok's Healthcare Claims Management

Increase clean claim rates, minimize revenue leakage, and drive down unproductive manual procedures

Claims Management

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PokitDok’s Healthcare Claims Management suite enables electronic submission, payment management, and real-time status checks on currently being processed health insurance claims.


More Clean Claims:

Our Healthcare Claims Management suite makes it happen, with claims validation technology that flags problem areas before a submission is made.

Electronic Claims Submission:

Submit claims electronically with PokitDok and liberate yourself from the endless loop of faxes, phone calls, and emails that overcomplicate healthcare invoicing.

Claims Payment Management:

With PokitDok, health insurance payer responses and ERAs are linked to the corresponding claim file.

Real-Time Status Check:

See where things stand. Our real-time claims status check makes it easy.

Easy and Flexible Integration:

Our healthcare claims processing suite is refreshingly simple to onboard and operate so that you won’t experience disruption to your accounts receivable workflow.

PokitDok's Healthcare Claims Management