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Remote Patient Monitoring is the recording of health data by a patient

Remote Patient Monitoring

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PERx RTM, developed by Illumination Health, is a custom-branded program designed to help rheumatology practices provide remote therapeutic monitoring to their patients. This program utilizes remote patient monitoring (RPM) technology, which involves the recording of health data by a patient outside of conventional care settings. The data is then securely transmitted to the patient’s provider and their care team, enabling them to optimize clinical care and deliver better care to patients without waiting until the next office visit.

PERx RTM allows patients with rheumatoid arthritis or lupus to routinely answer questions regarding their disease activity, recent flare, other patient-reported outcomes, and medication adherence using a smartphone app. The data is then seamlessly uploaded to the Illumination Health platform, and the patient’s care team can review the customized, intelligent dashboard that summarizes the patient’s health data. Care guidance can be communicated to the patient by direct messaging, phone, or email as needed. Monthly reimbursement for data transmission and staff time spent monitoring the app-based data stream is available through many insurance programs, including Medicare.

One of the standout features of PERx RTM is its ability to empower patients by providing them with the tools they need to maintain control of their health. Engaging with the app is one way patients can contribute to the success and accuracy of their care plan and stay connected to their physician between visits. In addition, research has shown that patients with inflammatory diseases are less costly when their disease is under good control, making the program a cost-effective solution that can reduce healthcare costs while improving healthcare value.

PERx RTM is a valuable tool that enables rheumatology practices to provide remote therapeutic monitoring to their patients. By utilizing RPM technology, providers can improve patient engagement, triage care more effectively, and improve patients’ experience with their rheumatology healthcare team. With its focus on empowering patients and improving healthcare value, PERx RTM is a valuable asset to any rheumatology practice looking to optimize clinical care and improve patient outcomes.


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