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Liver health assessment and visualization on a single platform

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Perspectum Hepatica is an innovative medical tool designed to improve the accuracy of liver health and volume assessment, particularly for patients with liver cancer who require pre-surgical evaluation. The platform enables liver health assessment and visualization on a single, easy-to-use platform, offering patient-friendly reports that clinicians can seamlessly integrate into their workflow through a PACS-integrated cloud-based service.

One of the key advantages of Perspectum Hepatica is its AI-driven delineation of liver volume and individual Couinaud segments, which enables clinicians to accurately assess liver health without exposing patients to radiation risk. This makes the tool a safer alternative for patients and a reliable option for medical professionals.

Perspectum Hepatica also features stratification of risk, which helps identify patients who are at risk of poor post-operative outcomes, supporting informed surgical decision-making. Additionally, the tool provides clinically validated metrics that improve the accuracy of pre-operative liver health assessment, assisting clinicians in better estimation of future liver remnant volume and health calculations.

Perspectum Hepatica offers accurate and robust quantifiable metrics for quantitative assessment of an individual’s liver health and volume, presented in a comprehensive report that informs clinical decisions. With its AI capabilities and clinical validation, this tool holds great promise in improving pre-surgical decision-making for patients with liver cancer, and supporting better outcomes for patients undergoing liver surgery.

Perspectum Hepatica

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