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PayrHealth - Payor Management

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Health systems have millions of dollars dedicated to managing their payer relationships – data sets, executive leadership, middle management, contracting teams – yet independent providers are priced out of having access to these resources and best practices.

Complete Payor Management gives you the same resources health systems have, including full-service Revenue Cycle Management and Payor Portfolio Management. With Complete Payor Management, we become a partner to independent practices, providing complete support to help them manage payor relationships and increase reimbursements .

Payor Portfolio Management

With Payor Portfolio Management, we perform a data-driven review of your payor relationships, identifying areas of potential improvement based on current marketplace trends in their region.

From there, our team of experts create a contracting strategy to proactively negotiate or renegotiate payor contracts to help providers get the best rates possible the type of contracts large healthcare facilities are able to negotiate with their in-house teams of payor portfolio managers.

We handle all aspects of portfolio maintenance and constantly monitor trends and changes in the industry to help practices stay ahead of the curve. Our proactive approach allows us to watch the markets in all 50 states and help providers everywhere make the most of their contracts.

PayrHealth - Payor Management