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Consumers manage much of their lives online let them manage their healthcare accounts online, too

Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP) Patient Portals

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Patients of all generations want to manage their healthcare finances on their own time, using the medium most convenient for them. Just as other industries provide easy, online tools for consumers to bank, purchase goods or book travel, more and more healthcare organizations are putting patients in the drivers seat.

PatientSimple connects your patients with a consumer friendly, mobile-compatible, self-service portal to generate price estimates, apply for charity care, set up payment plans, update insurance information, combine payments to hospitals and physicians, and even schedule appointments.


Help Patients Help Themselves

PatientSimple allows patients to securely process payments, manage and even combine their healthcare accounts, request and review payment estimates and schedule appointmentsall from a single interface.

Get Paid Faster

Quick access to pricing information and the ability to apply for financial assistance or set up payment plans online speeds collections.