PatientKeeper's Core Revenue Integrity Solution

PatientKeeper, Inc.

PatientKeeper's Core Revenue Integrity Solution

Easily share information between providers during patient hand-offs to ensure integrity of care and billing

Coding / Billing And Claims Revenue Cycle Management

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The suite provides a foundation for smooth and efficient charge processing, including robust tools for billers and coders and a versatile charge entry app for providers, plus secure messaging and sign-out to facilitate communication among providers and between billers, coders, and clinicians to clarify any charge questions or discrepancies before they impede the billing workflow.


Charge Aggregator

Efficiently consolidates charges coming from multiple EHRs and hospital departments into a single, intuitive system for billers and coders to cleanse and reconcile.

Charge Capture

Lets providers easily enter their charges on a phone, tablet, or computer, supported by real-time code edits checking for common coding errors.

Charge-Note Reconciliation

Matches charges to clinical notes to ensure billing accuracy and completeness, and flag missing charges.

PatientKeeper's Core Revenue Integrity Solution