Overjet's Clinical Intelligence Platform


Overjet's Clinical Intelligence Platform

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Clinical Intelligence Technology

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Overjet is an FDA-cleared artificial intelligence (AI) platform designed for use in dentistry. It aims to help dental practices improve precision, elevate patient care, improve case acceptance, and automate administrative tasks and audits through the use of AI. The platform features tools that combine the expertise of dentists with artificial intelligence to create evidence-based precision dentistry, which can improve operational efficiency and practice performance, as well as the patient experience.

One of the key benefits of Overjet is its ability to improve patient outcomes by accurately identifying missed periodontal and restorative treatments. This can lead to a better patient experience and stronger patient-clinician relationships, as well as building trust with patients through accurate and high-quality care and improved communication.

Overjet also aims to make every clinician more effective by analyzing historical data to guide teams towards behaviors that are most effective, while also flagging those that are less effective. This can help create a clinical team where every dentist and hygienist is equipped with the support they need to be effective.

In addition, the platform can be used to train, coach, and mentor teams at scale, by using data to understand the actions of high performers and coaching others to reach the same level of optimized performance and standards of care. It can also be used to create consistency and standardization in care across different locations and practices.

Overjet can be used to detect early warning signs of potential issues through the use of routine dental X-rays, with the goal of moving dentistry from treating disease to preventing it. It can also assist with mergers and acquisitions by providing a detailed clinical and operational overview during the due diligence process, and can help turn clinical data into growth by providing access to metrics and opportunities that may otherwise be out of reach. Overall, the platform aims to save time and increase efficiency by 30%.

Overjet's Clinical Intelligence Platform

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