OSP Healthcare Predictive Analytics


OSP Healthcare Predictive Analytics

Advanced healthcare predictive analytics software solutions

Predictive Analytics Forecasting

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Building capability for advanced healthcare predictive analytics to unlock the true potential of data.

Enterprise Data Warehouse:

EDW is a vital tool for effective management and clinical decision making. The need to monitor and prevent infection transmission provides an ideal case for sharing data between multiple facilities.

Our healthcare analytics data solutions offer the advantage of sharing data among different providers, including monitoring antimicrobial resistance, measurement of antimicrobial use, detection of hospital-acquired bloodstream infections, measurement of treatment, and detection of antibiotics prescribing errors.

The quantity of time and money saved can be estimated well by using the data warehouse. For instance, the hospital can utilize a data warehouse to provide a list of high-risk patients linked to their next scheduled visit. This enabled the targeted delivery of swine flu vaccine to high volume clinics.

OSP Healthcare Predictive Analytics