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OrbitalRX solution

There's a better way to manage your hospital's drug shortages and the supply chain

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OrbitalRX has teamed up with IBM® Watson Health to offer the pharmacy supply chain management capabilities of OrbitalRX with the evidence-based drug and disease content of Micromedex. This all-in-one solution brings the power of clinical decision support and real-time situational awareness into your health system’s pharmacy workflow.

OrbitalRX makes it possible to view the latest evidence-based treatment information alongside your hospital’s current drug inventory status while providing hospital buyers with a consolidated view of drug availability across the supplier network.


  • Automate Shortage Inventory - Eliminate the manual processes of running reports, analyzing data, and transcribing into a spreadsheet.

  • Add New Shortages with Ease - In seconds, add new shortage listings directly from your connected catalogs, and our system will fill in the NDC, CIN, MedID and inventory automatically.

  • Create Custom Labels - Organize your OrbitalRX Shortage Directory with custom labels. Better manage your long and complicated list of shortages with labels specific to your organization’s needs and workflows.

  • Save Time with Meeting Notes - Now you have a longitudinal record of all your meeting notes so you can quickly reference the history of a shortage and easily track follow-up activities from previous meetings.

OrbitalRX solution