Orama VR


Orama VR

Improve outcomes, reduce surgical errors and training time, democratize traininig

Training & education Virtual Reality #VirtualHealth

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Inspired from 19th-century geometric algebra, 20th century 12 principles of animation and as a spin-off of FORTH-ICS, we developed the fastest character interpolation engine and rapid prototyping action software patterns for:

  • Multi-player, Co-op featuring multiple users.
  • Analytics engine with cloud-based user assessment.
  • Gamified rapid prototyping based on Geometric Algebra.
  • Educational curriculum enhancing knowledge and skills.
  • Semantic representation of medical operations.

Used By:

Individual Users:

  • Train from the comfort of your home or office.
  • Personal skills tracking and development.
  • Online total user report.

Medical Schools Universities:

  • Up to 7 remote users collaboration.
  • Minimize errors, reduce OR time, assess via objective analytics.
  • Affordable cost, high-quality education.
  • Curriculum-based, educational approach.

Medical Device Companies:

  • Complement existing training labs.
  • Improve Rep/PA comprehension.
  • Portable, marketing tool, promotes industry branding.
Orama VR