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OnShift Engage

Boost performance, quality and profitability with OnShift® Engage™, our easy-to-use employee engagement software

Caregiver Engagement

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Employee Satisfaction Surveys:

Capture employee satisfaction and feedback in real-time with new hire surveys, pulse surveys, and customizable surveys.

Recognition & Rewards System:

Automated points-based rewards system tracks employee behaviors so contributions can be rewarded.

Employee Performance Reporting:

Employee and team performance tracking and dashboards easily identify areas for improvement.

New Hire Tracking:

Onboarding dashboards monitor new employees to promote retention.

Take Action With Real-Time Employee Feedback:

Help new hires feel welcome and heard by collecting targeted feedback throughout their first 90 days.

  • Consistently engage employees and give them a voice through quick and easy pulse surveys.
  • Monitor and measure employee satisfaction in real-time.
  • Uncover issues that need immediate attention to prevent turnover.
OnShift Engage