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Oncology clinical solution

eHealth #TeleRad

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An innovative, E-Health solution for Oncology Practice management, developed & supported by health experts and professional engineers to simplify oncologist’s and cancer patient’s day to day activities, this solution is supported by the most recent version of guidelines.


  • Easy patient reservation.

  • Easy management of the clinic.

  • Easy recall of patient history.

  • Easy assessment of the patient by adding pt complaint and symptoms by choosing from a large database supported by the Mayo clinic.

  • Easy assessment of patient performance by Karnofesky performance score.

  • Easy assessment of patient DVT risk by using Khorana score, Padua score, and Wells score.

  • Easily diagnose the patient using ICD-O'3.

  • Easy investigation process by choosing from Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) database.

  • Easy Prescription ordering through smart screen fulfill both Physician and patient need.

  • Easy ordering of chemotherapy regimens through a smart screen

  • Auto calculation of chemotherapy doses.