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More time with your patients, less time in your EHR

Acute Care EMR Oncology Radiation

Do you know anyone using OncoEMR®?

Workflow efficiency and speed are the most important goals for OncoEMR®. Our oncology-specific workflows and features like Document Search are designed to reduce minutes of work down to seconds. OncoEMR® helps collect and report on all required data, and our team will be there to assist you through workflows, data capture, and official reporting requirements.

OncoEMR® was built for the community oncology practice. From NCCN Chemotherapy Order Templates® to the latest AJCC disease factors, oncology-specific design elevates OncoEMR® to a customized diagnostic and treatment tool.

Before you flip the switch on OncoEMR®, Flatiron will migrate your historic EHR database, ensuring you hit the ground running on the first day of go-live. Once migrated, our 150+ preloaded reports will help you extract business and clinical insights such as patient wait times, drug utilization (including oral chemotherapies), unstaged patients, and more.