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Omnicell XT

Automated dispensing cabinets that enable smarter, safer medication management

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Managing medications is a critical part of patient care you can’t afford to waste time or make mistakes. Omnicell® XT automated dispensing cabinets create a smarter, safer process for getting the right medication to the right patient, helping to improve the patient medication and healthcare experience.

Unlike other automated dispensing systems that simply provide reports to sift through, the XT automated dispensing system is enhanced by a layer of data intelligence Omnicell essentials. The cloud-based essentials dashboard quickly reveals medication inventory and drug diversion issues, pointing you to areas that need attention.


  • Reduce medication errors to improve patient safety and quality of care.
  • Heighten medication security and diversion prevention.
  • Increase nursing and pharmacy staff efficiency.
  • Improve medication tracking and regulatory compliance.
  • Reduce inventory costs and minimize impact of drug shortages.
Omnicell XT