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Olive - Population Health

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Population Health

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Increase the well-being of the patients you serve while improving your quality ratings. By alleviating repetitive manual tasks and making providers into superhumans, Olive frees them to focus on the work that truly matters.

Transition of Care

It’s time to improve the continuity of care when a patient’s condition or care needs change. Olive automates and improves communication and documentation between providers, health systems and patients, ensuring that patients get the care they need when they need it.

Patient Management

When patients miss follow-up appointments or fail to fill prescriptions, outcomes worsen. Olive’s specialized algorithms facilitate the patient experience by making it easier to schedule appointments and get needed documentation from providers.

Testing and Vaccine Scheduling

Take the manual work out of test and vaccine registration by letting Olive automate it. She’ll determine who in your patient population is ready for tests and vaccinations, automatically communicating and engaging with them to schedule an appointment. She’ll also handle necessary follow-ups to increase attendance and ensure effective care.

Panel Management

Having the right patients on a primary care physician’s panel leads to better population health. Olive reviews patient history, reaches out to patients to update their information, schedules patients for necessary procedures and removes patients who have moved to a different provider.

Care Gaps

An estimated 30% of provider claims for care gaps are not paid due to coding and administrative errors. By identifying pain points, Olive automatically addresses claims so that the patient and provider don’t have to.

Olive - Population Health