Do you know anyone using Oleena®?

Oleena® is the first digital therapeutic in oncology for patients and their care teams. It is a prescription mobile app for cancer patients, designed to help them manage their symptoms and enable remote monitoring by care teams.

Oleena is a prescription mobile app that provides personalized symptom recommendations. It is a dedicated interface to gain continuous insights on patients symptoms.

How Oleena® Works:


The healthcare provider sets up Oleena® to meet the patients unique needs. The patient gets access to the Oleena® app.


The patient experiences a symptom and reports it in Oleena®.


Oleena® evaluates the symptom severity and provides a personalized recommendation.


The patient self-manages their symptom based on the recommendation. When severity is too high for self-management, Oleena® connects the patient to the care team.


Oleena® continues monitoring the patient until the symptom.