OhMD Telehealth Platform

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OhMD Telehealth Platform

The patient experience, reimagined - effortlessly connect with patients


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Decrease appointment no-shows while your patients rave about the ease and efficiency. OhMD is the best way to communicate with your patients and colleagues through HIPAA compliant texting.

Communicate quickly and effectively with colleagues, care teams, and referring providers all from the OhMD HIPAA compliant texting app on iOS, Android, and the web. Replace phone tag and voicemails with secure, efficient texting that improves patient care.

So now, with the OhMD Platform, you can manage your practice, patients, conversations, and reminders all in one place. It’s easy to reach all your patients at the same time through HIPAA-compliant texting designed for modern practice.

OhMD Telehealth Platform