Office Practicum - Pediatric Practice Management

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Office Practicum - Pediatric Practice Management

Manage daily operations with ease

Practice Management

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With OP’s Practice Management Solution, you can more effectively manage visits, coordinate care and health records from various sources, and manage your practice’s schedule, resources and bottom line. Conduct your billing in a way that solves the most challenging situations specific to pediatrics.


Flexible Scheduling

Set preferred appointment types by appointment reason or patient needs. View patient flow by calendar or room, tracking location and time spent in each visit stage.

Patient Check-In

Real-time insurance validation means you always have the most current insurance information about your patient, which results in collecting the right copayment at the time of service.

Claim Payments

ERAs come directly into OP and are mapped to outstanding claims for instant approval and posting to patient accounts.

Claim Submission and Tracking

Full-cycle electronic claim processing: claims go out, reports come back, and rejects get resubmitted before payer denials are processed speeding claim payment. Follow up claim status on demand, instead of waiting on hold for hours.

Office Practicum - Pediatric Practice Management