O-ARM™ Surgical Imaging System


O-ARM™ Surgical Imaging System

A trusted team member to be used before, during, and after surgery

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Your surgical team can use intraoperative imaging for optimized procedures. Improved visualization is critical during complex and minimally invasive procedures. The O-arm™ system is a trusted team member to be used before, during, and after surgery.

Surgical Workflow:

Picture your surgical environment. Picture a surgical imaging system that:

  • Provides you with real-time images
  • Adapts to your surgical workflows
  • Moves fluidly in your OR
  • Exceeds your expectations

The O-arm system’s high quality, versatile imaging provides the information you need to guide your clinical decision making.

Adapt. Integrate. Automate:

The O-arm system has been designed to complement your surgical workflow with:

  • Multiple surgical table options
  • Inter-room mobility for concurrent cases
  • On-demand imaging, no need to schedule in advance
  • Robotic controls for repeatable, precise gantry orientation
O-ARM™ Surgical Imaging System