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Nuance CDE One

Optimize your CDI program and maximize resources

Clinical Documentation

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AI for clinical documentation integrity means in‑workflow intelligence from the first word to the last code. CDI software that incorporates encounter prioritization, documentation guidance, workflow management, and advanced analytics for everything you need and nothing you don’t.

CDE One allows you to choose the components needed in your organization. Whether it’s prioritization, workflow, continuing education services, or Advanced Practice CDITM, we can tailor your program to fit your current needs and future aspirations.

Prioritized Worklist

Pinpoint opportunities for improvement faster with real‑time updates to identify charts with the greatest impact opportunity and reduce your exposure to post‑bill audits.

Evidence‑Based Content

Reduce the time you spend researching your clarifications with access to codebooks, coding clinics, and over 750 proven clinical strategies all in one place.

Nuance CDE One