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nThrive Value Based Care Solutions

Comprehensive solutions to support your value based reimbursement initiatives

Value Based Healthcare

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Currently, 12 states have active Medicaid Accountable Care Organization programs, and at least ten more are pursuing them. Timely and accurate data collection and analysis are essential since data allows ACOs to track patient utilization.


Manage Bundled Payments With Episode-Based Analytics

Our end-to-end approach implements bundled payment methodologies to manage reimbursements under an episode-based payment system.

Retrospective Episode Manager (REM) and Prospective Episode Manager (PEM)

REM and PEM solutions provide bundled payment informatics and payment reconciliation on an episode basis.

Managing Current and Future Episode of Care (EOC) Bundles

Episode Manager provides a robust platform to manage reimbursement risk, identify cost drivers, uncover clinical improvement opportunities, and more.

nThrive Value Based Care Solutions