Nextech: Patient Engagement Software

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Nextech: Patient Engagement Software

A more fulfilling doctor & patient relationship

Patient Engagement/ PHR/Portals

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Enhance the patient experience with the integrated patient portal:

  • Surpass Compliance requirements and avoid financial penalties.
  • Patients can access their health record.
  • Patient demographics, medical history and insurance information updated in real-time.

From the convenience of a mobile device, patients can easily access appointments and patient balance information, participate in telehealth visits, and utilize the virtual waiting room experience for in-office appointments.

  • Direct, secure messaging that seamlessly integrates into Nextech’s clinical workflows.
  • Improve efficiency in clinical care coordination.
  • Minimize missed appointments and increase physician revenue through our automated reminder system.
  • Receive patient confirmations directly into the scheduler.
  • Instant scheduling updates optimize a physicians daily schedule and maximize patient volume.
  • Text message appointment confirmation service is simple and convenient for both the practice and the patient.
Nextech: Patient Engagement Software