NeuroSphere™ myPath™


NeuroSphere™ myPath™

Track patient progress with patient-reported results delivered to you in real-time

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Allow your patients to take control of their treatment journey using the NeuroSphere™ myPath™ digital health app that lets you track patient progress with patient-reported results, delivered in real-time.

The NeuroSphere™ myPath™ app gives patients undergoing an SCS or DRG trial the ability to track, analyze and report on pain relief and general well-being associated with pain management.

The NeuroSphere™ myPath™ digital health app is powered by NeuroSphere™ digital care a connected care management platform compatible only with Abbott’s suite of neuromodulation systems.

We pioneered patient-centric innovation by offering well-established therapies uniquely designed to fit into modern lifestyles.

NeuroSphere™ myPath™