Netsmart Outpatient Management Software

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Netsmart Outpatient Management Software

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Having the complete picture of an individual’s treatment and progress is critical to delivering quality care and improving outcomes. Our outpatient management software puts an accurate, comprehensive view of each client at your fingertips to help you coordinate care cross multiple settings. Our mental health software also allows individuals to connect with you no matter the care setting.

Role-based outpatient care management, designed for behavioral health, simplifies managing daily clinical tasks, supports coordinating services beyond your four walls, improves billing, and streamlines the claims process.

Built-in support for key components of care includes group appointments, long-term episodes of care and tracking, and documenting fidelity to evidence-based practices. Seamless billing functionality ensures everyone in your organization is using the same efficient, easy-to-navigate mental health software for clinical documentation, scheduling, reporting, and claims.

Netsmart Outpatient Management Software