MyOxy®: Connected Pulse Oximeter

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MyOxy®: Connected Pulse Oximeter

Remote monitoring of oxygen saturation and heart rate

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MyOxy® is a connected pulse oximeter. Class IIa medical device allows controlling of SpO2 oxygen saturation and heart rate in real-time. Convenient and adapted to patient use, it easily integrates with remote monitoring programs.

To follow the evolution of the oxygen saturation rate in the blood and the heart rate, MyOxy® must be connected via Bluetooth to a gateway that allows patient data to be reassembled in a secure way via Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G networks to the healthcare professional.


  • Percentage measurement of oxygen saturation in blood in real time.

  • SpO2 display (in%) and heart rate bpm (beat per minute).

  • Detection of hypoxemic elements upstream of clinical signs.

  • Finger operated.

  • Connectivity via Bluetooth Low Energy.

MyOxy®: Connected Pulse Oximeter