MYidealDOCTOR Platform


MYidealDOCTOR Platform

Give your at-risk populations flexible care for better health outcomes

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MYidealDOCTOR allows health systems to connect deeper with your members, increase brand exposure and awareness, decrease the Emergency Department bottleneck by keeping non-emergent care out, decrease the number of readmissions through remote patient monitoring and allows you to increase member pull through by offering the industry-leading patient-centric telehealth solution for potential and current patients.

The MYidealDOCTOR platform is easy to use. Patients can choose a telephone or video visit, reducing barriers to access and increasing utilization for members of all ages.


  • Easy to Access Care

  • Extend Your Reach

  • Detail-Focused Care Plans

  • All-Inclusive Consults

  • Multiple Access Points

  • Convenient Healthcare

MYidealDOCTOR Platform