Do you know anyone using MyGluco®?

MyGluco® is a connected blood sugar meter. In vitro, diagnostic medical devices can measure glucose concentration in the blood and control glycemic targets. Convenient and adapted for patient use, it easily integrates with remote monitoring programs.

MyGluco must be connected via Bluetooth to a gateway that allows patient data to be reassembled in a secure way via Wifi, 2G, 3G, 4G networks to the healthcare professional.


  • Display of the blood glucose result on the screen.

  • Measurement done with a small drop of blood: 0.7 microliter.

  • Estimated levels of glycated hemoglobin * (from average blood glucose for the last three months).

  • AST function (taking a drop of blood elsewhere than on the tip of the finger).

  • Personalized tracking logbook in app with doses of injected insulins, meals (by time slot), activities performed.

  • Connectivity via Bluetooth low energy.