MyCellHub NV - Electronic Batch Records

MyCellHub NV

MyCellHub NV - Electronic Batch Records

Go digital with your batch records to get rid of paperwork

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The Electronic Batch Recording app from MyCellHub offers an interactive solution that guides users through step-by-step work instructions and allows them to collect process data in real time. This app provides versatile workflows that can be applied to various tasks, including manufacturing, material reception, quality control, and maintenance. It is compatible with both tablets and computers, making it a flexible tool for digitalizing workflows. With MyCellHub’s Electronic Batch Recording app, users can quickly implement the system by leveraging the library of standard unit operations provided. This eliminates the need to start from scratch and expedites the setup process. Additionally, the app incorporates smart workflow parameterization, which allows for anticipating and accommodating variations in process executions. This feature ensures adaptability and flexibility in managing different scenarios within the workflow.

MyCellHub NV - Electronic Batch Records

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