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Modmed Telehealth

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Engage patients with real-time audio and video capabilities safely and effectively. Telemedicine plays a vital role in helping prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus. We are adding real-time audio and video capabilities to EMA® for healthcare professionals and PocketPatient™ for patients, so that you can see your patients remotely to reduce the risk of transmission.

Provider Benefits of Adding Video Chat to Our Telehealth Solution

  • Minimize risk of exposure for you and your patients.

  • Offer your patients personalized care as you would in an in-office clinical setting.

  • Care for and potentially screen patients whether you are in your office or remote.

  • Help patients understand when their health concerns constitute a medical emergency.

  • Reach vulnerable patient populations, especially those with chronic illnesses or mobility challenges and those who live in rural areas.

  • See patients prior to sending or renewing prescriptions.

  • Document COVID-19 related notes natively in EMA.

Patient Benefits of Adding Video Chat to our Pocket Patient App

  • Minimize risk of exposure by visiting your doctor virtually.

  • Gain peace of mind with the opportunity to express concerns about symptoms.

Modmed Telehealth

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