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Comprehensive platform for patient quality assurance

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Wide Coverage:

One Mobius server can handle up to 10 linacs and 20,000 patients.

Comprehensive QA:

The Mobius3D platform provides six layers of error detection.

QA for 3D Treatment Plans:

Automatic plan recalculation inpatient CT alerts you if issues are detected in target dose, DVH limits, 3D gamma, and deliverability.

QA for IMRT/VMAT and Daily Treatment:

MobiusFX automatically captures measurements and interprets 3D delivered dose in the patient.

QA for CBCT:

MobiusCB automatically retrieves the CBCT/registration and displays patient positioning information.

Fully Integrated:

The platform includes modules for QA of all patient plans, delivery, and CBCT.

Efficient Workflow:

Measurements are generated during treatments and automatically analyzed with no external hardware requirements.

Easy to Use:

Mobius3D receives all treatment plans through DICOM-RT and generates results using an intuitive web interface.