MIRA platform

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MIRA platform

MIRA is software platform that turns physical and cognitive exercises into clinical exergames

Rehabilitation at Home Clinical Care Support Tools

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The system is designed as a tool for therapists, using motion tracking sensors to engage patients in their therapy, while assessing and reporting patient compliance.


  • 450+ Exergames

Exergames are a core concept of MIRA and a basis for the interaction between the patient and the application. Each exergame is the result of merging two key components: the exercise and the game.

  • Assessment tools

MIRA contains tools for Range of Motion assessments, as well as custom questionnaires and other means to keep track of patient activity.

  • Cognigames

Cognigames are games with a cognitive component which can be used for cognitive function. For ease of access, they can also be played only by keyboard and mouse, without necessarily needing a motion tracking sensor.

  • Custom Exercises

Custom exercises easily allow the clinicians to add new exercises to MIRA and use them with their patients.

  • Patient File

The patient file is the place where all patient data from MIRA is aggregated for easy access to the patient’s activity and status throughout their treatment plan.

  • Patient and clinic management

MIRA offers features to manage and track large number of patients and clinical personnel working with these patients.

MIRA platform