Mimecast Healthcare Cybersecurity

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Mimecast Healthcare Cybersecurity

Protect sensitive information with cybersecurity for healthcare


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Healthcare faces unique cyber resilience challenges. The industry is targeted for massive amounts of medical and personal information. And busy medical professionals frequently fall victim to phishing attacks or inadvertently commit careless errors that can lead to a breach.

Mimecast helps you achieve greater security and resilience to prevent external attacks and internal threats from turning into damaging medical records, data breaches, or reputational damage.


  • Prevent email-borne ransomware infections and other advanced attacks.
  • Stop malicious URLs and attachments.
  • Encrypt mail messages and share attachments securely.
  • Eliminate email outages to maintain productivity.
  • Reduce cyber risk by improving security awareness.
  • Block malicious or inappropriate web activity.
Mimecast Healthcare Cybersecurity