MeMed Key™

MeMed Diagnostics Ltd.

MeMed Key™

The Key™ to central lab precision at the point of need

Digital Diagnostics Laboratory Automation

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A cutting edge multi-purpose platform for quantitative diagnostic immunoassays that opens the way to central lab performance at the point-of-need, using chemiluminescence detection technology.

MeMed Key™ is being developed with three main benefits in mind:


  • MeMed Key™ provides accuracy similar to large central lab immunoassay platforms in a miniaturized and point-of-need format.

  • MeMed Key™ cartridges allow simultaneous measurements of up to four different analytes.


  • Due to its miniaturized chemiluminescence detection technology, MeMed Key™ analyzes low volumes of various specimen types including serum, plasma, capillary blood, urine and nasal.

  • MeMed Key™ has an easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) and sample-to-answer workflow, making it suitable for a non-professional user.


Expandable test menu - MeMed Key™ uses a chemiluminescence-based immunoassay. This format readily enables transitioning a wide range of conventional and novel immunoassays onto the platform.

MeMed Key™