MedTrak's CareSense

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MedTrak's CareSense

Educate, monitor, survey, and communicate with your patients in real-time

Care Coordination Digital Health Patient Engagement

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CareSense is a digital care navigation and data collection system. Through CareSense, healthcare organizations can capture valuable real-time patient satisfaction data. This information can be used to increase HCAHPS scores, identify service areas that need improvement, evaluate new initiatives, and recognize dissatisfied patients in order to address their concerns.

CareSense has over 100 standard PRO forms to choose from. This data can be used to satisfy bundled payment requirements, negotiate with insurers, measure the effectiveness of new treatments, benchmark against peers, and assess quality of care.


  • Reduce Missed Appointments - Send reminders to patients the day before appointments

  • Lower Surgical Cancellations - Ensure that patients are completing all of the proper steps required for surgery

  • Enhance Patient Education - Send custom physician videos and daily educational emails to patients to improve education

  • Improve Satisfaction - Automatically check with patients to improve care outside of the office

  • Save Time - Automated patient contact means the staff can focus on other important tasks

MedTrak's CareSense