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Medisked Connect Exchange

Accelerate insights and improve outcomes

Business Intelligence Interoperability

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Integrate systems and oversee your organization’s health and population with MediSked Connect Exchange, an enterprise-grade interface engine, data warehouse, and business intelligence platform designed specifically for the human services field.

Give Your Team the Features They Need to Succeed:

  • Reduce your infrastructure investments and rest easy knowing your data is stored in a secure, performance-optimized, HIPAA-compliant data warehouse.

  • Eliminate data silos with bi-directional data sharing: our powerful interface engine supports both industry-standard and proprietary data formats, allowing you to send or receive data in real-time or at scheduled intervals.

  • Oversee the health of your IT systems and data integrations with intuitive administration tools, transaction logs, error reports, and proactive system notifications.

  • Make the most of the information in your data warehouse with a library of standard reports developed to meet the most common reporting needs of human services organizations.

Medisked Connect Exchange