Medics Practice Management Software

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Medics Practice Management Software

See how our intelligent Medics automation can financially benefit and protect your practice, group, or network

Practice Management

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Safeguarding Revenue in Advance

With our system, get out-of-network alerts while scheduling patients. Access the patient responsibility estimator for an approximation of what they’ll owe after insurance. Remind patients about their copayments. Perform pre-appointment batch eligibility verifications.

Stake Your Claims

Enjoy a nearly 100% success rate on first attempt clearinghouse claims. HCFA / UB / workers compensation / no-fault. Alerts on maximizing claims without over-coding. Track claims in real-time to ensure they’re being processed. Quickly view, edit, and resubmit denied claims. Avoid slippages with intelligent, hands-off submissions to any ensuing insurers.

Purchasable Products and Non-Medical Visits

Inventory management, sales tax calculations, and payments by gift cards and coupons are supported along with credit/debit cards and checks. Products and non-medical services are paid for and reported-on separately. The scheduler supports non-medical visits in conjunction with regular medical visits. Separate reports can be compiled.

Medics Practice Management Software