Medical Device Security

Clearwater Compliance LLC.

Medical Device Security

Clearwater provides a comprehensive medical device security and risk management solution

Medical Device Security Internet of Medical Things (IOMT)

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Customers may opt to engage Clearwater regularly to monitor device activity, vulnerabilities, and threats, and make recommendations for remediation.

For those hospitals that wish to manage the program themselves, Clearwater will provide software, training, and recommendations to ensure an ongoing, continuous process to manage device security.


  • Discovers, inventories, and categorizes medical devices based on patient safety risk and other criteria.

  • Identifies which devices have electronically protected health information (ePHI).

  • Assesses vulnerabilities, interprets active threats, and provides actionable insights for improving security.

  • Utilizes the resulting inventory and Clearwaters IRM|Analysis® software to facilitate an OCR-Quality® Security Risk Analysis.

  • Provides actionable insights and workflow management, implementing and documenting remediation actions.

Medical Device Security