Medical Billing Services

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Medical Billing Services

Simplified billing processes & transparent reporting tools for higher claims acceptance, faster reimbursements, and more revenue.

Revenue Cycle Outsourcing Coding / Billing And Claims

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When you choose AdvancedMD for managed billing, you pay an affordable and predictable percent of collections. You see your reimbursement right away and we have the analytics to back up our metrics.


  • Technology & tools: Our billing experts manage your entire revenue cycle so you collect more without doing any of the heavy lifting.

  • Improve cash flow: Bringing expertise to claims submissions & collections can be an invaluable boon to your financial performance allowing you to focus your clinical acumen without the business distractions.

  • Reporting & Analytics: Our reporting software provides you with timely, meaningful financial analytics & customized medical billing reports that help you maximize financial performance.

  • Time-saving support: We handle your unpaid claims, appeals & secondary filings, exclusions & denials so you can focus on patients & practice growth.

Medical Billing Services