Medical Appointment Software by OmniMD


Medical Appointment Software by OmniMD

Streamline your front office workflow with improved scheduling & registration

Appointment Scheduling

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Scheduling Snapshot

A snapshot view to see daily appointment counts for each type of visit.

Modernized Front Desk Scheduling Experience

A scheduling central that streamlines your front to back office. Puts a well-organized and complete snapshot of patient’s information in one place with easy navigation to update demographics, insurance details, pre-authorization, and referral information and set patient and appointment alerts.

View Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Calendars

You can view daily, weekly, and monthly appointment calendar organized by physician, resource, and service locations.

Set & Manage Recurring Appointments

You can schedule quick one-time or recurring appointments using powerful recurrence rules and save time with a series of appointments.

Print Schedules

You can customize your view and print physician schedules quickly and easily.

Medical Appointment Software by OmniMD