Medhost Revenue Cycle Solutions


Medhost Revenue Cycle Solutions

Our hospital information system's suite of revenue cycle solutions comes fully equipped with the tools you need

Revenue Cycle Management

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Medhost Revenue Cycle Solution’s powerful tools are designed to add an highly effective layer of automation and accuracy to your revenue cycle. Implementation of this service can help ensure clean claims, improve productivity, support smart decision-making, and move your hospital closer to an ideal paperless financial workflow.


Patient Statements:

Expedite the process of electronic or paper-based statements and collection letters. Patient statements solution gives you the ability to track a statements progress and see when charges, payments, and adjustments have posted.

Online Bill Payment:

Offer patients insight into their account information and make it easier for them to submit payments around the clock with an online. The online bill payment also facilitates the management of invoice-processing costs.

Patient Access:

Patient Access creates a seamless network providing healthcare organizations with access to clinical and financial patient information across the enterprise through our hospital information system.

Medhost Revenue Cycle Solutions