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Patient Access

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By bringing analytics to the patient registration and payment clearance process, Patient Access helps you optimize patient satisfaction and reduce uncompensated care. With intuitive dashboards and step-by-step workflows, your front-office staff can accurately estimate patient costs, improve collections at the point of service and reduce denials.

Front-end staff members use as many as six different systems in the financial clearance process. Patient Access offers a single, integrated system with analytics, intelligent workflows and task-oriented work lists. It helps you boost productivity, reduce denials with automated insurance eligibility and collect copays and self-pay balances up front.


  • Boost Patient Access Process Efficiency

When your registration staff follows intuitive work lists, their productivity increases. These data-driven work lists boost efficiency and accountability while streamlining the entire process.

  • Accelerate Collections

With greater insights into self-pay balances, charity care screening and authorization management, you can shift collections processes to the point of service.

  • Enhance Patient Satisfaction

By estimating patient obligations to the penny, you can give your patients better visibility into the financial process, which ultimately makes them more likely to pay their balances.

  • Reduce Avoidable Denials

With automatic insurance eligibility, real-time benefit information, demographics and medical necessity data, your front-end staff can eliminate errors that result in denials.

MedeAnalytics - Patient Access