Medable Remote Patient Monitoring

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Medable Remote Patient Monitoring

Give patients a simple way to collect trial data without interrupting life

Remote Patient Monitoring

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Medable’s platform has been designed to fit in seamlessly with our clinical workflow, and enables us to use Apple HealthKit to its full potential.

Increase Patient Monitoring Without Increasing Patient Burden

Collect real-world data through Medable’s connected devices, with continuous or schedules data capture, and using devices that have been vetted by our internal patient advisory council.

Provide Context and Collect Quality of Life Data for Your Patients

Capture quality of life data such as vitals, sleep, and other key measures, to take your team’s decision making abilities to the next level with Medable’s connected devices.

Full Integration With Medable’s Systems

Receive an end-to-end platform that centralizes connected devices, eCOA, and ePRO data in one place for investigators, supporting your teams to make key decisions.

Medable Remote Patient Monitoring