MDLand - CCM & RPM

MDLand International Corp.

MDLand - CCM & RPM

Suitable for any providers who take care of Medicare and Medicare Advantage patients

Chronic Care Management Patient Engagement/ PHR/Portals

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Patient Consent & Enrollment:

The patient signs consent forms on the iPad app and can then be enrolled in the program directly from the portal.

Automatic Time Tracking:

Time spent reviewing data is automatically tracked, so you don’t have to worry about the reporting requirements.

CMS Incentive Programs:

Increase your revenue by participating in CMS better reimbursement programs by providing better care to your patients.

Optimized Office Workflow:

Use our iClinic®EHR in combination with CCM/RPM to save time on tedious administrative tasks and maximize your reimbursements.

Built-in Electronic Billing:

Once the time requirement is met, a claim is automatically generated and submitted.

MDLand - CCM & RPM