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With LynxCare’s AI-driven clinical data platform, the answers to complex clinical questions are clicks, not years away. LynxCare’s AI automatically collects relevant datapoints from all structured and unstructured hospital data, and structures them into a scalable clinical data warehouse.

We help hospitals across the globe improve patient outcomes and make Real-World Data accessible for research efficiently by centralizing hospital and patient data in a segmented, clinical-grade data warehouse. With a guaranteed 90% accuracy rate.

Data quality through NLP & AI

LynxCare provides data quality and data traceability guarantees. This allows HCPs and hospital researchers to rely on and check data quality at all times.

OMOP CDM standards

Databases are set up according to OMOP Common Data Model standards. LynxCare complies to OHDSI standards, allowing for seamless integration and modelling.

Near real-time data ingestion

LynxCare consumes data from several sources in near real-time, enabling you to browse data immediately.

Open platform

Tie in more data sources such as pharmacy data, claims data, billing data and other bespoke data sources.

Built on Azure

Built on top of Microsoft Azure’s PaaS and IaaS solutions. Maximally scalable, with data storage and service capabilities across the globe.

Secure access management

Streamline access management to (semi)-private data with LynxCare’s simplified access management. Allow all departments in the hospital to have access to the correct data.

LynxCare Platform

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