Lumiata: AI Platform


Lumiata: AI Platform

Data transformation to reduce costs and manage risk

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The first step in the healthcare AI journey involves preparing raw data, including patient medical records, claims, and even unstructured data like doctors notes. Lumiata’s AI Platform automates the ingestion, cleansing, and organization of disparate data sources into a consumable data format that makes it ready for machine learning.

Features and Benefits:

  • Patient data from multiple sources are synthesized into a single, comprehensive, historical health record a unique offering in the healthcare AI space.

  • Historical health records are then enriched using proprietary intellectual property Lumiata Disease Codes, which are informed by more than 35,000 curated clinician analysis and input hours.

  • The AI Platform is built in the spirit of open-source, allowing insight into the process and underscoring our collaborative approach in partnering with our clients.

  • The AI Platform Integrates with existing data analytic tools like Tableau, supporting seamless business integration.

Lumiata: AI Platform