Lumeon's Post-Acute Care Solution

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Lumeon's Post-Acute Care Solution

Helps to coordinate post-acute activities in real-time.

Post-Acute Care Solutions

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As providers are increasingly responsible for preventing hospital readmissions, it has never been more important to ensure well-coordinated follow-up care.

Yet managing this beyond the four walls of your clinical setting is challenging and resource-intensive, requiring the coordination of patients, physicians, rehab specialists, home health workers, and many other disciplines.

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform enables providers to unite post acute teams around a shared, longitudinal pathway, showing care teams what activities should be performed next and tracking progress and outcomes in real-time.

Lumeon helps providers create pathways that span the 90-day follow up period, allocating care team resource and automated assistance, according to patient needs, so you can manage more patients, more effectively.


  • Prevent readmissions
  • Cost-effective patient management
  • Improve patient satisfaction and compliance
  • Unified care view across EHR systems
Lumeon's Post-Acute Care Solution