LookDeep Clinical Action Platform


LookDeep Clinical Action Platform

Clinical Action Platform - Intelligent AI Video For Communication And Patient Monitoring

Remote Patient Monitoring Virtual Care

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The LookDeep Clinical Action Platform is an innovative tool that utilizes Intelligent AI Video for communication and patient monitoring. This technology is designed to improve patient care and increase efficiency in hospital settings.

One of the key features of the platform is Patient Central, which allows for the centralized monitoring of many patients using AI. This system can prioritize attention towards the patients that need it the most, making it an effective tool for hospitals with high patient volumes. Additionally, Patient Central serves as the foundation for a virtual inpatient command center, providing hospital staff with the ability to quickly and easily monitor patients remotely.

Another important feature of the LookDeep Clinical Action Platform is Care Connect. This technology enables hospital staff to monitor patients constantly and enter a video visit with the patient and colleagues instantly. This feature is particularly useful for healthcare providers who need to collaborate with colleagues across different floors, buildings, or cities.

The platform also includes Family Care Connect, a hospital-controlled mobile app that allows family members to access their loved ones without the need for hospital staff intervention. This feature can help hospitals reduce overhead costs while providing family members with convenient and easy access to their loved ones.

The LookDeep Clinical Action Platform is a valuable tool for hospitals and healthcare systems looking to improve patient care and increase efficiency. With its Intelligent AI Video technology, centralized monitoring, and virtual command center capabilities, the platform can help healthcare providers streamline their workflows and provide better care for their patients. Additionally, features like Care Connect and Family Care Connect enhance communication and collaboration between hospital staff and patients’ families, creating a more positive experience for all involved.

LookDeep Clinical Action Platform

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