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Lights On Network®

Transforming data into knowledge and action

EHR / Clinical Workflow Data & Analytics

Do you know anyone using Lights On Network®?

Lights On Network® provides enterprise-level data analytics to maximize the value of your EHR across your entire organization. This means a better experience for your providers, better results for your organization, and the most efficient system to support it all.

We provide this analytical cloud-based solution free of charge as part of an ongoing commitment to our clients and the improvement of health care in communities around the world. No other vendor in the marketplace provides this level of knowledge sharing across clients to facilitate long-lasting partnerships.

It’s hard to achieve value-driven results without transparency to adoption, performance, security, system infrastructure, and solution usage. Lights On Network® helps you achieve a better experience for your providers, maximize the impact of your Cerner solutions, and improve marketplace competitiveness with prescriptive recommendations.

Lights On Network®