Lightbeam's Patient Engagement Software

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Lightbeam's Patient Engagement Software

Lightbeam’s patient engagement software communicates critical messages, strengthening patient-provider relationships and improving care plan adherence

Patient Engagement

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From managing patients with chronic diseases and mobility issues to medication refill and follow-up reminders, communication makes the difference in satisfaction, quality, and cost outcomes.

Now, you can communicate the right message with your patients efficiently, saving you significant time and effort while driving patient compliance. With Lightbeam’s patient engagement software, not only do you have the ability to automate communications with patients, you will have insight into data-backed conclusions to help you and your patients stay ahead of unexpected health episodes.

Lightbeam’s patient engagement solution utilizes C2B psychographic profiling, and every communication incorporates segment-specific keywords in messaging to resonate with a patient’s personality to motivate change. Your patient engagement campaigns can now become highly configurable, scalable, and deliver personalized communications.


  • Create cohort-specific campaigns.

  • Leverage drag and drop icons to customize patient outreach, establish communication protocols, and configure settings.

  • Vary communication methods between IVR, text message, and email.

  • Drive custom messaging by patient segmentation.

Lightbeam's Patient Engagement Software